Mardi Gras – Come, Celebrate!

mardi gras Mardi Gras, I am told, simply means “Fat Tuesday” in French. The celebration concludes on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, so it is a kind of last hurrah before the fasting and discipline of Lent.

This year, we are going to celebrate Mardi Gras on Sunday, March 3rd in worship and with a New Orleans style meal featuring pulled chicken, red beans & rice, and jambalaya. We’re inviting folks to bring a side dish or some version of the King Cake – a New Orleans tradition for Mardi Gras Dessert. We’ve posted recipes and a place to RSVP on our website.

The reason for all this hoopla is because on March 3rd, we want to throw a party that celebrates the grace and goodness God has given to us and to give thanks and praise for the mission we all undertake to Share God’s Love. The 3rd of March is the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, a day to revel in the glory of Christ. It is the culmination of the weeks after Epiphany (the revelation of God in Christ) where we have been confronted with God’s presence among us. Mardi Gras is a way to shout “Alleluia” as we then turn to Lent and ponder how the presence of God to us in Jesus changes our lives.

Part of our celebration will be to renew the financial commitments we make to support our shared mission. Offering a plan for what we plan to give int he coming year helps the congregation plan and use the gifts faithfully. More than that, planning our giving calls us to grow as disciples in out trust in and service of the Lord. Planning our giving creates generous hearts which bring joy – to our own lives, and to those who we touch with our mission.

Plan to come and celebrate with us.

In Christ,

Pastor Tim