Grace Notes

Christians, especially Lutherans, believe that we exist; that we live; that we breathe; that we are saved by grace – the unmerited love of God revealed in Christ. Grace happens all the time, in each moment, in every place. For a specific group of us, it happens in and through the people and mission of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny, Iowa.

“Grace Notes” will be a way for the pastors, staff, and leaders of this congregation to communicate about the grace we witness and share with one another and with the world. We hope that this will be another way for us to communicate with each other as the body of Christ in this place and time. You can subscribe to Grace Notes to the right. We’ll be sharing it through social media, on the website, and the weekly ePistle. If you’d like us to talk about something in particular, drop us a note through this site. We’ll do our best!

Grace to you, and peace!

Pastor Tim Olson